Payload and Recovery

The current payload for the project is a dropsonde that will be deployed from the rocket at apogee. A deployment and recovery system was designed and manufactured by the SPEAR senior design team at the University of Colorado Boulder in Spring 2012. This design featured a series of pyro-triggers that separated the nose cone, deployed a series of chutes, and finally lifted the payload from the top of the rocket body for descent and splashdown.

However, much like the original EPS design, there were several problems with the design proposed by SPEAR that would prevent it from interfacing properly with the rocket. Among these issues were unnecessary complexity and a questionable design that relied upon a series of unpredictable and unverified events. More details can be found in the report and CD that SPEAR submitted to the aerospace engineering department in Spring 2012. A new payload deployment system will need to be designed from scratch unless a COTS solution is discovered soon.


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