Oxidizer (OXD)

The purpose of the oxidizer subsystem is to flow pressurized nitrous oxide into the combustion chamber using a blowdown propulsion scheme. The system previously used a pressure regulated scheme, but mass flow rate restrictions through the in line regulator proved to be too great and necessitated removal of the regulator.

The oxidizer subsystem components can be split into two categories – those on the rocket and those that remain with the GSE. The rocket holds the oxidizer tank, various plumbing and fittings, a solenoid valve, a pressure transducer, and the main valve. The pressure transducer measures the pressure in the tank during fill operations and blowdown.

The GSE oxidizer components are all mounted on an aluminum plate, referred to in this report as the valve table. The valve table houses various solenoid valves and steel-braided hoses, an air-driven liquid pump, and a pressure transducer. This pressure transducer is a redundancy while the fill line is connected from the valve table to the rocket, but measures an individual pressure once this connection is severed.


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