Cold Flow Test 7

CFT 7 was similar to CFT 6, but it was performed in a different configuration. Rather than diverting the flow to the horizontal direction, the rocket was set up so that it was essentially in its Static Test Fire (STF) and flight configuration (all vertical). The main reason that we did this test was to verify the injector system against a possible pressure spike at the injector plate. Leak checks were passed with flying colors and the team moved on to the fill process. During fill, the pump (which is used to fill our oxidizer tank with CO2) experienced an anomaly where it continued to run, but was not actually pushing any CO2 into the tank. At this point in the fill process, the tank had been filled to within 5% of its target mass and was not losing mass so the decision was made to continue the test and move to pressurization. Pressurization and blowdown went very well. See video below.

After this successful test, focus was immediately switched to STF and preparations began.


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