Cold Flow Test 6

CFT 6 was the first major test of the semester for the new team. The main objective of this test was to capture mass flow rate data using load cell measurements (essentially weighing the tank as oxidizer flowed out of it). To do this, the exhaust needed to be diverted into the horizontal direction so that no thrust was in the vertical direction thus compromising our load cell data. During leak checks, a few small leaks were found and fixed. When everything was ready to go, the team headed up the gravel road to take cover behind the cars while the tank was pressurized. After pressurization, it was our first chance to test the quick disconnect in a ‘flight configuration’ setting. The quick disconnect worked well and as expected. See video below.

Once the fill line was disconnected (as is needed for a launch), the main valve was opened using the ground based actuation system developed by the oxidizer team and flow began. As can be seen in the video, there was a leak upstream of the injector plate.

After further analysis we deemed this to be insignificant for our mass flow rate data since it was still very small compared to the flow coming out of the injector plate. All-in-all it was a successful test and quite exciting that everything worked without too much trouble.


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