Scoping Things Out

This semester’s oxidizer team is working on a mechanism to actuate the main valve from outside the rocket skin, and the current design is to have the main valve actuator attached to the launch tower so it lines up perfectly with the rocket.  To make sure our SolidWorks CAD models match the real setup, we trekked out to Platteville, Colorado on Thursday to the site of our cold flow tests to take measurements.

Lance, armed with a measuring tape and calipers, took all the tower measurements needed to know how to clamp the main valve actuator platform to the launch tower.  Jeff explained how the trailer is anchored down during the cold flow test so Greg knew how to adjust the test procedures for CFT #6.  We briefly contemplated searching the field again for the lost injector plate but decided wading through the cacti was undesirable.

Lance taking down measurements for verification with the CAD models.

We’ll be back out in Platteville on the 19th for the test.  This will be our first major test of the semester so everyone is working hard to make sure we get it right the first time.  We’re going to be working on the main valve actuator, quick disconnect mechanism, and revamped instrumentation until then.  Busy but exciting times at HYSOR.


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